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Coach Of The Year

Each year, Sponsor Representatives will submit their district’s collective nomination for the LYF Coach of the Year Award. The inaugural year for this award is 2019. Nominations should be submitted to the League President no later than two weeks before the December Board meeting. Nominations should include the Coach’s name, level coached, a picture, and a brief bio of the Coach explaining the district’s nomination of this individual. Criteria for the award nominee should include both on- and off-the-field accomplishments. Coach nominees should demonstrate tremendous character, ethics, leadership, teaching/coaching skills, and rapport within their district. Rationale for nomination may also include their season win-loss record and/or improvements from year to year. Nominations do not need to be the Coach with the best record within a district. The League will rely on the Sponsor Representative’s knowledge and discretion to select the best candidate from their district. Self-nominations are allowed. The ultimate goal is to recognize some of the great Coaches in the LYF League.

The League will recognize all 8 nominees at the December Board of Directors meeting. Attendees of the December Board meeting, including Board members and LYF Staff will vote for an overall winner.