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February 21, 2018
March 15, 2019



Team Athletic Director: Justin White

Our coaches:

Team CoachName Email
A.D. Jason Wilbur
A.D. Justin White red72white@yahoo.com

History of Elks :

The Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 is one of the original sponsors of Lincoln Midget Football, dating back sixty years. Every year the Lodge works hand in hand with the Elks Football Program to provide the absolute best experience possible for its players. The Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 was chartered over 100 years ago. It has had a glorious past, and promises to have an even brighter future. The Lodge takes part in many activities throughout the Lincoln community, including: Athletics, Academics, and Community Involvement.

Athletics: The Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 have always focused much of their attention on Youth programs. Over the years, the Lodge has supported various softball, baseball, golf, tennis, basketball, and other youth sports in addition to the Elks Football Program. The Lodge sponsors the annual “Hoop Shoot” and “Soccer Shoot” contests, which are open to the public and attract hundreds of participants locally and over one million nationwide. These events are open to all boys and girls ages eight to thirteen, and the Lodge encourages all youth to participate. Academics: Currently, twenty-two scholarships are funded by individuals (memorials) or groups associated with the Lodge. Five scholarships are awarded annually to graduating seniors whose mother/father or grandmother/grandfather is a member of the Lincoln Elks Lodge #80. In all, the Lodge will be awarding a total of over $30,000 this year in scholarships. In addition, the Lodge hosts a Youth Recognition Night each May in which high school juniors in the Lincoln area are recognized for their academic achievements. Similarly, middle school students who are recommended by their teachers are recognized each spring at the Lodge’s “Teen of the Year” ceremonies.

Community Involvement: The Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 is passionate about supporting the Lincoln community, and is committed to making a difference. From the Lodge’s Eagle Scout Recognition Program, hunter safety courses, citizenship classes, and all that they accomplish in athletics and academics, they strive to make a difference. The Lodge’s reach also extends beyond only youth programs. The Elks pledge that “as long as there is a Veteran alive, we will be there to help them.” The Lodge has a Veteran’s Committee which exemplifies this statement in all the great things they do for Lincoln area veterans. Opportunities for Volunteers: The Lincoln Elks Lodge #80 encourages anyone interested in participating in any of the various programs the Elks sponsor to contact them. Please see contact information above.