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If an injury occurs, licensed sports medicine professionals provided by the Bryan Medical Center and Lincoln Orthopaedic Center (LOC) Outreach Program are present at all LYF games to provide sports medicine services on the field. Along with that support, we also count on the help of Red Cross Volunteers who are on the sidelines of every game.

-All youth football players are offered free pre-season baseline ImPACT testing from the Lincoln Orthopedic Center (LOC) and Bryan Medical Center. ImPACT tests are scheduled and performed by Corey Courtney. For more information on ImPACT testing and concussion symptoms, visit

-The LYF League maintains a league-wide membership to USA Football, which provides development and training tools. For more information about USA Football, visit

-All LYF League Coaches undergo a mandatory background check each year before working with any youth football players. For more information about background checks for all Coaches, please contact the LYF League Commissioner.

-The LYF League pays to have all Coaches become certified by USA Football. The Heads-Up Youth Coach Certification covers how to teach safe blocking, teaching safe shoulder tackling, basic coaching skills, equipment fitting, and health/safety of young athletes. For more information on our Coach certifications, visit

-All LYF League Coaches teach Heads-Up and rugby-style, shoulder tackling to reduce/avoid involving the head in any football tackling and blocking. For more information on safe tackling, visit

-All LYF League football helmets are inspected and certified annually during the offseason by third-party inspectors. If helmets do not pass inspection, they are destroyed and new replacement helmets are purchased by the LYF League. Annual helmet inspections result in approximately 100-200 new helmets being purchased each year by the LYF League. For more information about helmet inspections and costs, please contact the LYF League Commissioner.

-All youth football players are provided general injury liability insurance by the LYF League during all football practices and games. Should an injury occur that requires medical expenses, parents/guardians are asked to complete a claim form. There is a $100 deductible for each claim. For more information about player insurance, please contact the LYF League Commissioner.



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